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Welcome to the Official 'Elkwin Brothers Music' website.

Here you will find information on who we are, what we do and how you can get involved. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to give us a shout or just add us on Twitter if you fancy some banter.

The Elkwin Brothers work to 3 golden rules:

  • - Think out loud. Ideas, feedback and praise are most effective when shared.
  • - Provide the highest quality end product on every project and interaction.
  • - Enjoy every project to the fullest, the awesome memories come free with the service.

Biography +-

Our Background

Kid fronts the technical aspects of our projects. The foundation of the writing, he is skilled on Guitar (Lead), Bass and Keyboard. Kid has been writing music for more than half of his life and is inspired by various artists from Hendrix & Metallica to The Offspring and NoFX.

Tirwin provides the direction and imagination to the process. Intrepreting the initial brief and directing the full sound of the project. The primary lyricist, Tirwin is also skilled in Bass, Guitar (Rythm) and beats. He listens to everything, including Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Basement Jaxx, Jeff Wayne and Justin Currie.

Our Projects

Put simply, music is our life. We love every project we work on and will not accept anything less than perfection from ourselves. We are open to every suggestion, idea or piece of feedback. we are working for you, we think it's perfect once you think it's perfect.

We pride ourselves on being easy, inspiring and entertaining to work with; an honest and relaxed atmosphere is key to getting the best out of every song and making it a project to remember.

For us, this is an opportunity to work with some fantastic musicians and artists on many brilliant projects and we enthusiasticly anticipate every challange thrown to us.

Services +-

All prices are just rough guides and are entirely dependant on the amount of work involved in a project. If you would like a more accurate price just drop us a message, we appreciate your feedback greatly so there's no obligation, we just like to hear from you.

  • Lyrics - £40
  • Melody - £10
  • + B.Vox - £10 (Per Harmony)

  • Chords/Rythm - £50
  • + Instruments - £25 (Per Instrument)

Film/TV/Radio Audio - Available Upon Request (Complete performance and recording to a brief)

If you have lyrics or music already and are just looking for some consultation we are also available. We are happy to listen to songs and provide feedback or we can help you develop the songs with ideas and riffs at discounted rates to the ones noted, just give us a shout.

Projects +-

In Production

  • Louise Hunter - Song Composition (Full) - Rock/Blues/Pop
  • Chill Teh Kid - Song Composition (Full) - Various Styles
  • War Of The Waves - Concept Album (Full) - Various Styles
  • Hey Essé - Concept Album (Full) - Funk (Various)


  • Neil Runciman - Constructive feedback and composition/performance analysis - Indie
  • Nobodies Heroes - Song composition (Full) - Punk/Rock/Pop
  • The Eddies - Live Re-Write Bass/B.Vox - Punk
  • DFTP - Song Composition (Full), Live Re-Write (Full) - Ska/Punk/Rock

Testimonials +-

"I've been pushed way beyond anything I thought I was capable of and they somehow manage to make it brilliant fun at the same time"
- Adam Hobson (Hey Essé)

"My confidence has grown tenfold since getting into the studio with these guys, brilliant results and a wicked sense of humour"
- Robert Scobie (Hey Essé)

"Great lads, hard working and well involved. Dead easy to work with and totally motivated. Great craic every time"
- Mark Harris (Producer @ DM Studios)

"Very honest and very contructive sessions, they really do push you to get the absolute best from every project"
- Neil Runciman (Solo)

"Honest & open with some fantastic ideas, great experience"
- Mattew Edwards (Hey Essé)

"Was a bit unsure what to expect at first but everything was well directed and was actually a great laugh"
- Syke (Graffiti Artist)

"I was kept involved at every stage of the product and construction criticism was directed and handled very well"
- Todd O'Brien (Hey Essé)

"Great, useful feedback. Very happy"
- Louise Hunter (Solo)

Contact +-

We endevour to respond to all email requests within 24 hours. We are well practiced at working to tight deadlines, our mobile devices are always hooked up to email & twitter so if your enquiry/contact is urgent please feel free to start your message with "URGENT" so that we are aware.